Jumanji 4 has been confirmed as being in development, providing the third installment in the recently revived Dwayne Johnson-led franchise, and the fourth film overall. The franchise first kicked off in 1995 with the late Robin Williams as a young boy who is trapped inside the hair-raising board game until his adult years, at which point he’s unwittingly brought back.

The film wasn’t exactly a massive box office hit upon its release in North America, but its worldwide gross ensured that its status as a blockbuster was confirmed. In the years that followed, Jumanji became something of a cult favorite, and in light of Williams’ untimely death in 2014, a new respect for the film seemed to grow. But when it was first announced that a new Jumanji film was on its way with the likes of Johnson, Kevin Hart and Jack Black, some fans of the original were more than a little concerned. Fortunately, the new sequel was well-handled and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle surprised critics and fans alike with its smart, cleverly-plotted continuation of the original. Two years after its release, the cast returned for Jumanji: The Next Level, and fans have quietly been expecting more ever since.