In today’s streaming world of various subscription services, Amazon always comes first, because of providing high-quality movies which also come in numerous varieties or genre. However, Netflix is a huge platform for movies, but Amazon Prime is also extremely hot on its heels. Today, Amazon Prime is facilitating its viewers with a huge library of the best novel-based movies where you can easily find all good quality movies without looking any further.

If you are a novel lover, then we have brought a surprise for you, as we are listing the top 5 novel based movies you can watch on Amazon Prime. Now, you don’t need to scroll down to find the best movies as you can select the one from our top list.

So, keep reading the article till the end to find the best matched movie of your choice.

1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Best Novel Based Movies - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Watching this movie will be a great fun and never-ending adventure. It is one of the best-composed novel based movies you will have ever watched. This is the story of Harry Potter (named Daniel Radcliffe), a normal boy of eleven-year-old serving as a kind of bondsman for his uncle and aunt. As his uncle observes that he is an enchanter or wizard and has been summoned to be a part of the Hogwarts School just for Wizardry and Witchcraft.

Harry is slave away from his humdrum existence by the groundskeeper for Hogwarts, Rubeus Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), and instantly thrown into such a world that is entirely foreign and different to both him and the wise viewer. Harry is popular for an occasion that occurred at his birth time which also serves as a twist for his life. Also, Harry loves to make friends very conveniently at his new elementary school.

He soon finds that the wizarding and enchanting world is quite more horrible as well as dangerous for him, probably more than he would have ever expected, and he learns very quickly that not all sorcerers should be always trusted.

2. The Maze Runner

Best Novel Based Movies - The Maze Runner

If you want to have both adventure and emotions in one movie, then this movie will be your best choice. This movie won the hearts of a lot of people and therefore we have listed this as number 2. Waking up in an elevator, even remembering nothing about his past, Thomas appears into a new world of teenage boys that are 30 in number- all without remembering any kind of memories of the past.

They have learned and trained very fast to live under the set of rules that were made on their own and surviving on their supplies as well as agriculture. With a new and up-to-date boy appearing after almost every month, the group has been in the Grassland or “The Glade” for more than three years, trying again and again in search of a way to get away through the Maze, that is surrounding their living area and space (guarded by cyborg monsters who was named ‘Grievers’). They have started to lose hope when unconscious and the comatose girl reaches with a note that is quite strange. Now their world starts to alter with those boys which divided them into two main factions: those who were willing to threaten their lives to get away from there and other those who wanted to clutch onto what they are getting and just survived.

3. Mama Mia! The Movie

Best Novel Based Movies - Mama Mia! The Movie

This movie will take you to a location on a Greek island that is very colorful. The movie’s plot sets out as a framework for the prosperity and substance of ABBA songs. A young woman that is going to be married, observes that any one of 3 men could be her loving father. Then She gives an invitation to almost all these men for the event of the wedding without talking about that to her mom-Donna Sheridan (named Meryl Streep), who was once the escort singer of Dynamos and Donna.

For a moment, Donna invited her respected back-up singers, named Tanya Wilkinson and Rosie Mulligan, and Tanya Wilkinson.

No doubt, this movie remains one of the best story-based movies since many years.

4. Pitch Perfect

Best Novel Based Movies - Pitch Perfect

Pitch perfect can be a sweet spot for you if you are looking for the best adventurous and thrilling movie. The Barden Bellas are intellectual, all-girls choral singing groups prospering on the pop songs of females and their best looks. After a calamitous failure at the finals of the last year, they tended to regroup.

Among the new enlists, is freshman Beca that is an entirely independent, and desiring DJ without having an interest in teenage and college life. But after having a meet up with Jesse, from the opponent, Beca has a very new point of view and interpretation. Now she takes it generally upon herself to assist the Bellas in finding their quite recent sound and reclaim into the competition or contest.

5. The Call of the Wild

Best Novel Based Movies - The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is a lively and spirited story of a big, kind-hearted, and caring dog named Buck-a crossbreed between a Scotch Collie and St. Bernard. Well, the extremely carefree and fun-filled life was got upset suddenly, when he was taken by someone from his own home in the country “Santa Clara”, California.

As a newbie in the team of the dog delivery service, a dog probably like no one, who had been almost destroyed, and had gone through a lot of difficulties. Even after that, he could not be smashed and broken while spending the time of his whole life.

At the end, he was forced to battle for the survival by his last owner, John Thornton- at the nearness of the Arctic Circle which is somewhere between Alaska and Yukon. He gradually depends on his initial instincts, sheds the ease of advancement and counters to “the call of the wild”, as a masterpiece of his own.

If you didn’t watch this movie, you probably never lived a wonderful life. So, watch this movie and have a lot of fun!

Final Thoughts

Novel based movies are all time favorite for people because of their thrilling stories and morale. There is a wide variety of movies you can find on Amazon Prime, but we have presented the best among other so that you can save your previous time in searching. Our best novel based movies list has a complete solution for your any kind of boredom.

Now you can just buy any of the above-mentioned movies from the Amazon Prime today and have fun with your dear ones. You will never regret making that decision. Buy any of these and thank us later!