Padmaavat To Finally Release In Gujarat From This Friday?


Since the inception of its making, Padmaavat has faced numerous controversies from all sides. From vandalism on sets to a delayed release, this movie has witnessed some harsh things by fringe groups.

What started with distortion of History went on to burning buses in various parts of country revolting against the movie. When it was banned by multiple states, Supreme Court came to the rescue of the film ordering a nationwide release. But even after the same, though lack of proper security, many theaters around the country denied to play the film.

It released worldwide on 25th January fully fledged but paid previews were organized a day before all over the country. One of the major states that decided not to screenPadmaavat is Gujarat. According to an insider, the movie will release in Gujarat this Friday.

The source said, “Padmaavat will release in Gujarat over this weekend. Karni Sena has agreed to withdraw their agitation against the movie in Gujarat. Even Viacom has confirmed this.Today morning all the Head strategists from big Multiplexes will be meeting Home Minister & Chief Minister.”


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