Do you know how much wealth this 19 year old Priya has got, to know click here


Hello friends in 90th century, if an artist or some other person showes his art, it used to take months to get popularity. But now in the era of Information & Technology, anybody can become the star within a day. The perfect example of this is Priya Prakash who became social media sensation overnight. she also has become the heartbeat of all the Indians overnight.

The full name of this girl is Priya Prakash. Who lives in Kerala. This girl is only 19 years old. Who is studying her B.Com First Year. She is also looking forward her career in the film industry. Recently she has worked in a movie that movie is not yet released. But whose song is released 2 days ago about ten million people have seen this song.

According to the media reports it is being said that, this girl is an upcoming actress by profession. And her parents are residents of Kerala. This girl has wealth of about 30 to 40 lakhs. And one important thing to tell you that in just 2 days, this girl has got more than 2 millions followers on Instagram.


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