Ed Sheeran Wins Grammy For ‘Shape of You’ And Twitter Is Furious


While Ed Sheeran is generally regarded as one of the nicest guys in showbiz, even he isn’t immune to the momentum of Time’s Up and the growing consensus for change and progress. The British singer’s viral hit ‘Shape of You’ won the Grammy for Best Solo Performance on Sunday Night, beating out a formidable line-up of powerful performances by women, including pop icons Lady Gaga, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Kesha, who was expected to be a shoe-in for her song, ‘Praying’, which recounts the trauma of her much-reported sexual assault. Meanwhile,’Shape of You’ revolves around an attractive girl that Sheeran saw in a night-club.

Social media users slammed the Grammy’s decision for reverting to the very standards of objectification and exploitation of women that people the world over are trying to change through movements like Me Too and Time’s Up. Critics also noted that Sheeran was the only male nominee in his category and still managed to scoop the prize from under the noses of the literal powerhouses of talent that his fellow nominees are. Worst of all? He didn’t even bother scooping it up as Sheeran didn’t actually turn up for the ceremony, despite winning two Grammy awards (the other was for Best Pop Vocal Album).


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