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Meet us we are the cinema wale with authentic and original taste, after this visit you will only say ‘YES’ CINMAWALE.com are what they say. From Mughal-E-Azam to Munni and Soni Mahiwal to Sheela, find everything in this site right from cinema history to latest film makes. You get details of film banner, producer, financer, story and script writer, actors, lyricist, music directors, singers, distributors, exhibiters, film previews, views and reviews (You can also write your own reviews).

Business made in total and circuit wise, full financial standings of the film, its trivia etc.etc. Is also provided, all packed in one unique unparallel portal CINEMAWALE.com

Here you get interesting information about life and life style of your favorite actors and actress, Login at CINEMAWALE.com to know more about what you have been longing to know but did not knew where to find. Read and provide others with the interesting material about films of your choice.

Be first in watching bollywood films of your choice from historical classic movies to latest technological thrillers. A lot of cinema sites are afloat on the net. There are Hollywood sites and sites of all the film hubs, why another site? Go anywhere, try anything, but you will not get near the original bollywood flavor. Hence these attempt to provide the required perfect recipe for cinema crazy genre of authentic taste.

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